CAA Conference Edition 2011

FALL 2011: V.07 N.02: CAA Conference Edition 2011

Editorial Statement

The 2011 Conference Edition of Media-N features panels, panel reports, documentation and reviews of the events and activities of the New Media Caucus at the 2011 College Art Association Conference in New York.  In Fight the Power: Open Source, Free Software, and Critical Digital Practice, Ben Chang and his panelists discuss open-source software and the wider issues of free culture, freedom of information and alternate modes of creative production.  In Melissa Ragona’s panel report for SLOW MOVES: Toward a Gaming Aesthetics of Inactivity, Ragona discusses artists – in particular her panelists – who are reconfiguring the action-based medium of games, making moves toward inactivity, relaxation and contemplation.  Pat Badani (Editor-in-Chief of Media-N) and Rachel Clarke (Founding Editor of Media-N) outline the main points of a roundtable discussion they moderated on the past, present, and future editorial focus of the Media-N journal in Media-N: Roundtable discussion of past achievements and future topics for the Journal of the New Media Caucus. Chair Joshua Rosenstock and his panelists, a select group of current interactive art practitioners, talk about their practice in Instrument As Interface As Artwork. Each artist creates instruments that are hybridized forms of multimedia, whereby the transformative potential for play, for both performer and audience, is explored.  In their paper Feminism and New Media Art: Hot or Not? Silvia Ruzanka and Katherine Behar document their open, moderated discussion of the role of feminism in recent new media art, examining the relevance of feminist issues within the changing technological and global context.  In New Media Caucus Showcase Paul Catanese reviews the showcase of NMC membership artwork held at the School of Visual Arts in New York: installations, drawings, films, sound works and collaborations comprising an intense, two-hour session of six-minute presentations by 17 artists; and Melissa Potter reviews Hotel: A Room with a View, a one-day new media exhibit in a room at the conference hotel. For Potter, the physical and emotional aspects of the conference hotel experience are reflected in the artwork that references the “discombobulation of postmodern (post-millennial) society.”

This was a remarkable conference for the New Media Caucus, featuring an outstanding range of panels and events, presented both at the conference hotel and at various venues around the city.  The wealth and breadth of talent manifested in work and discourse of our members at the conference events compose a must-read edition of the Media-N journal.

Rachel Clarke
Founding Editor, Media-N