Media-N, Journal of the New Media Caucus is a scholarly electronic (ISSN 1942-017X) and print journal (ISSN 2159-6891.)  It is blind peer-reviewed, invitational, and open to submissions in the form of theoretical papers, reports, and reviews on new media artworks. The journal provides a forum for national and international New Media Caucus members and non-members featuring their scholarly research, artworks and projects.

The electronic journal was established in 2005 by Rachel Clarke, who acted as Editor-in-Chief from 2005 to 2010.  Pat Badani, who established the journal’s collection of mirroring print editions as well as international and cross-organizational publications, is the current Editor-in-Chief (2010-2016.) The journal is further composed of a Deputy Executive Editor, a Reviews and Reports Editor and up to 25 Associate Editors.

The mission of the electronic and print journals is to promote academic inquiry; to reflect the wide variety of themes and areas in new media research; to further the evolving discourses related to theory and practice; to showcase the work of new media artists and their presentation environments; and to investigate the issues surrounding education and new media. The journal has published articles by influential new media theorists and practitioners such as:  Mark AmerikaSarah CookAmy FranceschiniLynn Hershman LeesonJennifer and Kevin McCoyKen Rinaldo, Laurence A. RickelsCornelia Sollfrank, and Faith Wilding.

Three editions are published per year: spring, summer and fall. Media-N works with guest editors to develop and publish thematic spring and fall editions.  The summer edition is devoted to showcasing NMC‘s onsite and offsite proceedings during the College Art Association’s annual convention held in the United States.  The electronic & print versions differ in format but are similar in content. The publication is freely available online, and the print version may be purchased through a print-on-demand service.


FALL 2015 : V. 11 N. 3


Le Temporium, 2014, autonomous machine for the continuous creation of Algaegraphies (detail.) Lia Giraud (SACRe / EnsadLab - PSL). Used with permission.

Le Temporium, 2014, autonomous machine for the continuous creation of Algaegraphies (detail.) Lia Giraud (SACRe / EnsadLab – PSL). Used with permission.




Editorial Statement
Pat Badani, Editor-in-Chief


Media-N’s enticing fall edition took shape over a period of months in partnership with Hexagram, an international community of scholars centered around two major universities in Montreal: Concordia University and Université du Québec À Montréal. As a distinctive thematic publication, it prefaces RE-CREATE 2015 International Conference on the Histories of Media, Art, Science and Technology, a biennial conference hosted this year by Hexagram in Montreal.

The Hexagram network of scholars is dedicated to research-creation in media arts, design, technology, and digital culture, and the current issue of Media-N – Research-Creation: Explorations – assembles fourteen essays that reflect upon ideas and pathways that weave methodological, social, material and historical considerations about “research-creation.” The term refers to an evolving research trend conducted internationally and in Canada – specifically by Hexagram’s affiliated writers, artists, thinkers and pedagogues. Contributors were asked to map out past visions, current revelations, and future prospects involving the formation of knowledge in and through creative material and performative practices linking interpretive disciplines (humanities and social sciences) with creative ones (art and design).

The issue represents a collaboration among four guest editors, Université du Québec À Montréal scholars Louis-Claude Paquin and Louise Poissant, and Concordia University scholars Owen Chapman and Kim Sawchuk. The editorial alliance between Media-N and Hexagram was facilitated by Ricardo Dal Farra, Concordia University scholar and Media-N’s supporting Associate Editor for Research-Creation: Explorations.

Media-N Journal extends sincere thanks to the editors for their teamwork; the authors for their contributions; Lorella Abenavoli, Hexagram’s editorial coordinator, for facilitating communication and compilation; Catriona LeBlanc, Hexagram’s translator for essays originally written in French; and Stephanie Tripp, Media-N’s Deputy Executive Editor, for her dedicated editorial assistance.

Pat Badani, Editor-in-Chief


V.11 N.03 acknowledgements

-Editor-in-Chief: Pat Badani, independent artist, curator and scholar (Argentina, Canada, USA)

-Deputy Executive Editor: Stephanie Tripp, Associate Professor, College of Arts and Letters, University of Tampa, Florida, USA

-Supporting Associate Editor: Ricardo Dal Farra, Associate Professor and Hexagram former Director, Faculty of Fine Arts, Concordia University, Montreal

-Guest Editors: Owen Chapman, Associate Professor, Faculty of Arts and Science, Concordia University, Montreal; Louis-Claude Paquin, Professor, Faculty of Communication, Université du Québec À Montréal; Louise Poissant, Dean, Faculty of Arts, Université du Québec À Montréal; and Kim Sawchuk, Professor and Associate Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science, Concordia University, Montreal

-Hexagram editorial coordinator: Lorella Abenavoli

-Hexagram translator: Catriona LeBlanc

-Media-N Graphic Design Director: Brooke Scherer, Assistant Professor, College of Arts and Letters, University of Tampa, Florida, USA

-Media-N Web Design Manager: Stacey Stormes, independent artist and educator, USA

-Copy editors and proofreaders for the current edition: Stephanie Tripp, Thomas F. Cohen, and Pat Badani